A Closer Look to Hand Block Printing and How It is Making a Sustainable Impact

Hand block printing has a rich history that can be traced back to the fifth century B.C, with its roots in India, China and Japan.

This method of printing is carried out by carving an image into a wood or linoleum block and then inking it with a roller.

Hand block printing has been used in China for centuries, even more than 2000 years ago! This method of printing is carried out by carving an image into a wood or linoleum block and then inking it with a roller.

In India, there are communities in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh that still practice traditional hand blocking printing processes. Block printing is a craftsmanship that date back centuries and which many generations have mastered.


Hand Block Printing: A Sustainable Approach

Hand block printing is a traditional form of printing that requires no power and is mostly done with recycled paper pulp. The process involves carving an image into a woodblock, pressing paper onto the inked surface, and then hand-pulling the paper away from the woodblock to create one color at a time. We offer this service to help you design and print anything with care for nature and sustainability in mind.


Bringing back the art of hand printing

Dimple Design Studio is a family-owned and operated business that strives to provide a sustainable source of income for people in rural communities. Our block printing process makes use of natural dyes and eco-friendly materials to produce beautiful, sustainable products that will last for generations.


Sustainable practices for our planet and your product

We use eco-friendly materials and organic cotton fabric to ensure that our product is safe for you and the environment. This also means that our products look and feel great as they age naturally without any loss in quality!


Unique and different

We offer something different from what everyone is used to. We are all about uniqueness, bringing in designs that are not just artsy but also functional. We are passionate about our craft, and this is what sets us apart from the rest.

Our designs are printed by hand onto cotton cloth using natural dyes. This process is slow and requires great attention to detail as opposed to modern, industrial printing methods that produce high volumes at a much faster rate.


Why Hand Block Printing is so special?

In this age where most fabric is made from machines, here is a product that is created with skill and care. As with any artisan-produced textile, hand block print fabrics are all the rage and for good reason. They also happen to contain a special quality that is really one of a kind.

Hand block printing for fabric has been around for centuries and transforms each piece into a unique story worth telling.

The hand printing on authentic fabric is intricate and beautiful. The human touch can’t be replicated by a machine and there are always these little details that make the fabric interesting.

Lastly, we should be grateful for the experience of hand-block printing that goes into every stage of creating a fabric.

This is a celebration of ecological integrity; plants, nature and people are closely involved in each step.

Hand printing is environmentally-friendly artwork because the prints are laid out with plants, animals, and heritage elements. The colors are also very vivid and show off the beauty of nature.

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