It’s a  famous saying No matter how you feel, Get up, dress up and never give up. And it is something that definitely goes a long way. Being dressed properly definitely boosts up your confidence and fills you up with energy.

Even if you are working from home and your work life is disturbed, dressing up for video calls and meetings on zoom is something that will keep you charged up the whole day. It helps you set the tone for productivity. 

We all want to feel comfortable when we are working from home. But when you dress up, you feel more professional. Hence the productivity will be more.

Be it anything from interviews to meetings, here are some outfits that you must try:

  1. Teal Doria Set

    Well when it comes to choosing an outfit for meetings or Interviews it’s always very difficult to choose one. Especially when you are working from home and to set up the professional atmosphere you have to choose one wisely. At Dimple Design Studio we have got the best option for you when it comes to choosing your outfit for zoom calls. This Teal Doria Set is something which you will absolutely love. The color teal excludes confidence, it’s eye catchy and builds a feeling of trust among the colleagues or the hiring managers.  This suit set is made of Pure cotton in teal colour with pleated pants. Dupatta in soft Kota Doria with gold Zari print at the borders. This beautiful design is crafted in a straight cut loose fit. It’s a  must-try outfit for zoom calls

  2. Buddha Suit Set

    This suit set comes in black colour. Which is probably the most liked colour by most of us. Black represents leadership, it’s a bold color. If you are appearing for an interview or you are attending a board meeting you should definitely wear a black colour outfit that shows your confidence, boldness, and leadership qualities. 

    This Buddha suit set is a Black kurta with Buddha hand block print all over it. Dupatta is in soft chiffon. The pants have front drawstrings with side pockets. And it is available in all sizes. 

  3. Purple Ikkat Suit Set

    It’s always good to wear a darker shade of clothing to brighten up your day. When it comes to getting dressed up for zoom calls for meetings and interviews you should definitely opt for this purple colour ikat suit set. It’s Indian, classy, and appealing to the eyes. For someone who loves dark shades should definitely try this. 

    This outfit comes in Pure cotton kurta with pants in screen printing. The print on this beautiful outfit is the traditional artwork of Gujrat called ikkat. With the most beautiful print on this outfit, this is one of our most sold outfits and the most loved. 

  4. Orange Doria Set

    The orange colour gives you a fun, bubbly, and creative feel. If you are someone who is from a creative background or a media field you should definitely try this outfit. This will be the best outfit to reflect your thoughts or personality. It can definitely go well along with a pair of earrings and a good hairdo. This suit set comes in a Pure cotton suit set in orange color with pleated pants. Dupatta in soft Kota Doria with gold Zari print at the borders. This beautiful design is crafted in a straight cut loose fit.

  5. Navy Floral Suit Set

    A navy floral suit set is probably the best outfit one can choose for zoom calls. When it comes to attending the board meetings or taking any calls. If you are someone who is in a senior position or a managerial position you should definitely try this outfit as the colour navy blue signifies power and authority. People treat you the way you are dressed. And the better you dress the more confidence and charisma are added to your personality. This outfit is in Pure cotton in Handblock print is set in Navy Blue color. Dupatta is in soft Kota Doria fabric with an all-over print on it. The pants have front drawstrings and pockets on each side.

  6. Lime Doria Set

    This colour signifies excitement and liveliness. You should definitely try this colour outfit when appearing for zoom calls interviews. As this is a colour of excitement and liveliness it shows that you are someone who is full of energy and is a team player. Lime green colour kurta with pleated pants and Kota Doria dupatta. This beautiful outfit is made in pure cotton. This is one of our best collection products.

    Working from home in your comfortable clothes has become a lifestyle now. Dimple Design studio offer you the best of collections, these clothing are comfortable and very professional at the same time. We have different sizes available in different colours. 

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